PetFirst Pet Insurance provides 30 days of free coverage with your adoption. 

What is pet insurance?

Much like health insurance for people, pet insurance helps shoulder the monetary burden that keeps your dogs and cats happy and healthy. Since they’re members of the family, too, you want to provide them with the best care available when they get hurt or sick. As anyone who has ever had a kitten who swallowed a piece of string can tell you, costs for care and treatment can get expensive quickly, leaving you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars of veterinary bills. PetFirst pet insurance takes the financial considerations that come with accidents, injuries, and illnesses off the table so you can get your animals on the mend without sacrificing your peace of mind.

What is covered?

PetFirst covers veterinary costs that arise from your pet getting sick or injured. With our flexible plan coverage and unlimited lifetime benefits, we’re ready to cover almost anything unexpected that happens to your pet. We cover both accidents and illnesses and hereditary, chronic, and congenital conditions. Accident and illness coverage covers diagnostic testing, hospitalizations, prescription medications, orthotic devices, exam fees and more. Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions may not appear for years and they can be expensive to treat when they do. These concerns are covered by our pet insurance plans. If it’s an accident or illness (and not pre-existing), our plans cover the diagnosis and treatment* of the condition, so you can rest easy knowing you can provide your animals the best care available. *We cover the treatment of any new illness or accident after your enrollment.
Please do not call the number above unless you have adopted from Connecticut Cat Connection.