Adoption Info

Adoption Information

Why do we ask for a contribution?
  • Taking in cats and caring for them is VERY expensive.  This is a business like any other, that needs to make money in order for us to pay our bills and continue our work.
  • We do not receive any free services (for veterinary care, medications, food, litter) or the facility we occupy (mortgage/rent, heat, electric, etc.).
  • We are a no-kill organization, which means higher costs to retain and care for the number of cats in our care.  
  • A contribution is an acknowledgement that you are financially able to care for the cat and understand the value of the care that was given and the funding that is needed to operate a rescue.  We are 100% volunteers, so our work and time also matters.  
Why do we ask more for kittens?
  • Most of the kittens we take in are in foster care for 1 to 3 months.  Regular and sometimes extensive care is needed in order for the kitten to be healthy and adoptable, and many need socialization.
  • Kittens and younger cats are more desirable and usually much easier to adopt.  Although an adoption contribution does not cover the cost to care for all the cats or kittens, it gives funding back to the rescue so we can continue to care for the many other cats that take longer to adopt or are not adoptable.
Why do kittens need to be adopted in pairs?
  • Many kittens bond at an early age.
  • A kitten can also be adopted with an age appropriate companion animal in the household (at the discretion of CCC), but the adopter needs to determine over time if that relationship is sufficient for the kitten’s social needs.
  • A kitten can lose his or her ability to socialize with another animal by their first birthday.
  • Humans cannot replace the need for a kitten to socialize with another animal.
  • You should NOT wait to socialize a young animal with other animals if not previously or recently socialized (i.e. getting a new dog, a kitten) etc.
  • A single kitten can become lonely, bored, aggressive, or destructive due to lack of having a companion animal.
  • You cannot replace the joy of seeing two kittens bond and play together, or seeing an adult cat or a dog have a friend.
Adopting a pair of cats or having two cats:

Ideally all cats should have an animal companion, not just kittens.  Adopters are drawn to cats that have been socialized with other animals.  It makes them more socially well rounded.  However, if they haven’t had that experience as a kitten, they are unlikely to accept other animals as they get older, thus limiting their ability to adjust to changes that may happen in their guardian’s life or if they need to be rehomed at a later time.

Keep in mind that putting two cats together doesn’t mean they will like each other – just like putting two people in a room and expecting them to be immediate great friends.  It takes time and trust.  Introducing two cats is a slow process that usually takes 2-4 weeks or longer.  Just like people, some cats accept changes slower.

Cat Adoption Contributions

  • Kittens under 6 months of age range from $175 to $295 depending on vet services provided at the time of adoption, which includes
  • Veterinary care including FVRCP (distemper) vaccine, deworming, flea treatment, microchip.  ($175)

And can include:

  • FIV / Felv testing (+$35)
  • Spayed or Neutered* (+$85)

Note that rabies vaccine is given at 3 mos. of age or when the kitten is spayed/neutered.

  • We do recognize that some kittens are more difficult to place.  Some are skittish and need a patient guardian to take on their care and socialization.  Others may be special needs.  The pricing listed above is for our high-end kittens, and we do financially compromise under these circumstances, although these kittens receive the same level of care.
  • Cats 7 months to 1 year – $200-$250 (includes the above, may or may not be tested)
  • Cats over 1 year old – $50-$175 (includes the above, may or may not be tested)

We also try to work with your budget.  Please talk with an adoption counselor to determine a cat that you could adopt with your desired contribution.

* Cats by 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered, either by CCC or the adopter per signed contract.

Adoption Application

You can download the Adoption Application and bring it in during adoption hours – or fill out the form at the shelter.