Connecticut Cat Connection: Volunteer Opportunities

Job Description:

The Volunteer Cat Caretaker position involves the following duties:

  • rinsing out cat cans
  • general cleaning of the facility
  • socializing with cats
  • and other miscellaneous duties
  • feeding canned and dry food
  • changing water
  • replacing dirty linens in crates
  • scooping out litter boxes

 There is bending and more rarely, lifting involved, but this can be accommodated if you have physical issues.

You will be working with some animals that are stressed or sick, and need to adapt to their needs compassionately. You will also be working as part of a team and should display a positive attitude, pleasant demeanor and ability to adapt to different personalities. On a rare occasion, a cat may die unexpectedly.

This job requires the ability to work independently, once you have received orientation and supervision over the course of a few shifts. This means you must be able to focus and follow through on tasks, show initiative, and common sense. You may have the responsibility of working an entire small room so will benefit from maturity and confidence.

We also expect that should you sign up for a shift, that you attend that shift, unless you contact us to let us know and also, learn to find your own replacements. Animals and people are relying on you and we hope you take this job as seriously as you would a paid position.

This job is an adult job, hence why we only hire those 18 and over, unless supervised by a parent. Thirteen years old and older may work during a shift, with parent or supervisor. Anyone younger is invited during off-shift (12 to 4) hours during the week, along with their parent or supervisor (who must be a trained volunteer in good standing with us.) Our open houses are held on the weekend, when the general public is invited, and this is also a good time for younger children who love animals to see our facility. We are not a zoo but a rescue facility, dealing with a wide variety of cat personalities and temperaments.

ALL volunteers are on a trial basis for their first month of employment. We reserve the right to not hire an individual based on this application or information received elsewhere. We also reserve the right to let any volunteer go who can not meet the needs of the cats or who causes significant disruption to the organization. We may also release any volunteer  who can not demonstrate reliability.

You must sign a release of liability to work with us, as we do not carry insurance due to the high cost.

 If you feel you may have any issues, either physical, emotional, or otherwise, that could prevent you from doing any of the duties described above, you must inform shelter staff BEFORE you are hired. Also, please voice any special accommodations that could be helpful to you on this job.

 Click Here if you would like to apply to become a volunteer at Connecticut Cat Connection. You can also stop by and fill out and fill out a paper application if you would prefer.